Noelle (inotiuq) wrote in lifes_questions,

Friend or not?

Say a friend of yours tossed you the keys to his Ferrari and said here take it for a spin. You drive down a street that had clear warning signs but you choose to ignore them thus resulting in doing irreparable damage. You return the car and a week later your friend finds out that his car is messed up bad. REAL BAD! He asks you what happened and you recall seeing the warning signs and admit ignoring them. You apologize and state that you will do what ever you can to help, that you consider him a good friend and what ever he needs you will be there for him. You call a few times just to say hi and tell him again you are there for him for WHATEVER he needs. After a few weeks it is clear to your friend that you are only just saying words…that when it really matters you are not and were not there for him for ANYTHING. When he needed some support you left him flat on his face.

So your friend is left with a permanently damaged irreplaceable, priceless Ferrari. The only one he will ever have in his lifetime. Something of extreme value to him. It’s still drivable but with a lot of limitations and physical pain. Limitations and pain he would have never had if you had not ignored the warning signs. Your neglect resulted in his biggest fear. A fear that has always kept him VERY selective as to who he let drive it and you presented yourself as someone who was very responsible and trustworthy.

Were you ever truly this guy’s friend? Is it possible to still claim to be?

What would you be feeling if you were the friend??
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